VOCA 2007

Vision Of Contemporary Art - group show

15-30 Mar. 2007 The Ueno Royal Museum


VOCA 2007 現代美術の展望

2007年3月15日~30日 上野の森美術館

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2006, 194.0x97.0cm/194.0x194.0cm/194.0x97.0cm
canvas, acrylic, pigment, Japanese paper

2006, 194.0x97.0cm/194.0x194.0cm/194.0x97.0cm



Unknown Stories Still in the Process of Creation

The scenes created in Sugano Mariko’s paintings are populated by mysterious figures, protagonists with the appearance of awkward but oddly cute marionettes. They recall medieval European landscapes pervaded by cruel humor. The imagery in the pictorial space suggests enigmatic proverbs or maxims. A story is developed in a fictitious theater that emits a false religiosity. Observers often mention “narrative qualities” as a characteristic of Sugano’s work. A similar approach to narrative can also be found in Sugano’s book works. One book is given three-dimensionality by small boards that suggest pages. In another, parts of a whole pictorial surface are assembled as a group of fragments that are not bounded together. In any event, the book format is made into extremely appropriate site for narrative. The nature of the book is clearly conductive to the creation of stories. Sugano has spent time in Germany on a study grant from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. She had already been making book works when she shifted from her previous abstract paintings to paintings containing narrative elements. Books represent the world and contain events that take place in it. To Sugano, it is not clear which came first, books or stories. However, she has been concerned for a long time in the world-based qualities processed by books and interested in the events in them. The narratives found here wear the costumes of medievalEurope. But they are unknown events or stories that exist deep within us and are still in the process of creation.

- Hajime Morita
Curator,Urawa Art Museum




森田 一(うらわ美術館 学芸員)