Dec 2010
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以下は、作者による試訳につき、文法的な間違いなど、コメント欄にご指摘いただけたら幸いです ------菅野まり子



The Thirsty Raven



Getting irritated at the surface of pitiless water to which he craned his neck unsuccessfully,  the thirsty raven puts forth all his wisdom and strength. He decided to hold and carry pebbles with his beaks, and drop them into the crock. By and by a small ray of hope rises up from the desperate darkness. That pure bird piles pebbles one by one, and eventually he loses himself in this work. When he comes to, it is too late. The secret filled with surface tension swallows him up.



translated by myself, let me know or leave your comments if you find some grammatical errors, please. Thank you.

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