Dec 2010
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以下は、作者による試訳につき、文法的な間違いなど、コメント欄にご指摘いただけたら幸いです ------菅野まり子



The Thirsty Raven



Getting irritated at the surface of pitiless water to which he craned his neck unsuccessfully,  the thirsty raven puts forth all his wisdom and strength. He decided to hold and carry pebbles with his beaks, and drop them into the crock. By and by a small ray of hope rises up from the desperate darkness. That pure bird piles pebbles one by one, and eventually he loses himself in this work. When he comes to, it is too late. The secret filled with surface tension swallows him up.



translated by myself, let me know or leave your comments if you find some grammatical errors, please. Thank you.
Dec 2010
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以下は、作者による試訳につき、文法的な間違いなど、コメント欄にご指摘いただけたら幸いです ------菅野まり子



The Eyes Which Were Sewed



Once upon a time, there was a young man, who plucked peaches here and there to sell them in the market and to cover his modest living expenses. One day, he found a huge peach in an old peach tree. He reached his hand to pick it up, and then he saw the mark like a moth-eaten hole. He checked and realized that it was not a worm hole but a fine building of palace which was like an exquisite handicraft. He wondered at it and tried to strain his eyes into the palace. He noticed a little worm was wiggling about the door, and it was as if he was beckoned into the palace. As soon as surprised, he was already inside it.

The sojourn in that palace was amusing. It was truly an enchanted land. After staying for some nights, he asked to be back now. However they said that was simply unacceptable. He was frightened out of his wits, cried and entreated, " I have to go home by all means, my old parents won't be able to live without me". "If so, there's no choice for it," they replied, "but we must prevent what you had seen here from leaking". Then his eyes were sewed tightly, and finally he could go home.

Many years had been gone in his village. His parents had already passed away. As to his rustic house, not even a sign existed. However a villager who had barely remembered of him felt pity and looked after him. Although he was asked about where he was and also about why his eyes were sewed, he answered nothing in silence with a smile that no one has ever seen before.

Before long, his unusual appearance and character became widely known, people said a respectable guru appeared in the lonesome village. Land stewards, officers, scholars, civil servants, notables and even high priests visited him and asked him many kind of questions. In the end, the emperor at that time sent messengers repeatedly with his strict orders, wishing for a miraculous medicine of perennial youth and longevity. However he only replied "I know nothing".  Eventually, a rumor that the secret measures were hidden inside his sewed eyes was arising from nowhere.

Was it emperor's messengers who couldn't go back with empty hands? Someone who planned to get the way of producing elixir and to make megabucks? Or an insane student who was longing for full knowledge of the truth? Nobody knows who did it. One night, someone cut off his head while he was sleeping, and break opened his eyes. A flash like a bundle of lightnings was beamed, and the ground thundered from its depth. Then, everything in the world was entirely destroyed to become white.



translated by myself, let me know or leave your comments if you find some grammatical errors, please. Thank you.
Dec 2010
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I'm now showing some of my works including original goods that were specially made for the group show;

SAKKA*ZAKKA  ~miscellanuous by the artists~
5(sun) - 12(sun) December 2010 at gallery nimodo, Shibuya, TOKYO
Please see the detail on my "actual" page.



SAKKA*ZAKKA ~作家の作った雑貨展~
2010年12月5日(日)~12日(日) ギャラリーニモード(神宮前)



...and next, I'm going to show new works in the coming group show;

20(mon) - 28(tue) December 2010 at gallery kobayashi, Ginza, TOKYO

The detail is coming soon on "actual".
Thank you very much.



2010年12月20日(月)~28日(火) コバヤシ画廊(銀座)


Sep 2010
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オランダの現代アーティスト達が参加しているイベント、tekenproject festival。9月27日から10月17日ま での間、中世美術へのオマージュや、自作のドローイングで、アムステルダムの会場内を埋め尽くしていくようです。そのワークインプログレスと連動して公式 ブログ にて、彼/彼女らの琴線に触れたイメージを収集公開しているようですが、オーガナイザーの一人であるEllen Witsen Eliasさんに、拙作を取り上げていただきました。他にも、中世マニュスクリからコンテンポラリーアートまで、なかなか興味深い画像が毎日アップされています。

ところで、オランダはバロック期にエンブレム文学が一斉を風靡した国で、現在もユトレヒト大学の研究者を中心にEmblem Project Utrechtというオンラインプロジェクトが展開され、当時人気を博した世俗的および宗教的なエンブレム集が閲覧できるようになっています。富めるプロテスタントの伝統なのか、宗教的・神秘的な図像をプライベートで鑑賞しつつ、深い内省へと誘い込まれるような書物への愛情が感じられます。

また、アムステルダムにはJ.R.Ritmanという実業家が自らのコレクションで作った、ユニークな私立図書館J.R.Ritman Libraryもあります。ここの蔵書は、ヘルメス哲学、錬金術、ローゼンクロイツ、グノーシスから、マニ教、カタリ派、スーフィーなどなどなど・・・翻訳こんにゃく&暗記パンを食べて、すべてを読みつくしたいところですが、今生に与えられた能力ではまず不可能・・・。それでも、サイト内でちらと見せてくれる蔵書の挿画に興味を掻き立てられ、心ときめくことは叶うのです。



Aug 2010
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シリーズ名の”mutus liber”は、錬金術の作業工程を絵だけで著した17世紀の本で、邦訳では『沈黙の書』として紹介されています。テキストが無く黙読がなされないため、何とも静かな書物の空間を、旅行くことになります。しかも、絵解きされるべき内容はシロウトでは難解で読解不可能な代物です。(その意味では、馴染みの無い言語で書かれた彩色写本の美麗なページや、よく編集された海外版の画集も同列かもしれません。)ところが、書物という特殊な空間に囲われた図像の力は、時に奇跡的な力を発揮し、読者―読み解こうとする者―の中に潜在する別種の読解力に働きかけます。もしかしたら、イコノグラフィックな絵解きや暗号の解読を企図して書かれたり読まれたりするのではない、著者と読者の共犯関係を無視した別の次元に、イメージが自律呼吸して精気を放っているのかもしれません。